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Sunset Horse Riding Tour

Sunset Horse Riding Tour

Enjoy the true beauty of the Parian landscapes while horseback riding with our experienced local guides!
Being in the countryside, you will get a unique look at traditional homes and our natural gifts. Our route starts in the area of Kakapetra, and through hidden trails, we will lead you to the optimal area to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Greek sunset.

The price is 55 euros per person.

The duration of the tour is approximately one and a half hours.

The starting time depends on the season. Upon receiving our confirmation, you will be informed of your arrival time.

  • March to April at 18.00
  • May to August at  18.30
  • September at 18.00
  • October at 17.30
  • November to March at 16.00
  • March to April at 18.00
  • All the tours are in guided groups that cater to all levels of experience, and a gentle pace is kept during the ride.
  • Remember to be dressed appropriately for the ride with closed shoes and preferably long pants!
  • If you are an experienced rider and want to fully trot and gallop, it’s best to contact us to organize the tour privately.
  • Private tours are also booked upon request for special events like wedding proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special memories that you wish to create!


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